About Us

al-ifwat was established on April 5, 2012, starting as a small business. al-ifwat has taken now using an electronic medium (Internet) and other modern equipment which is regularly updated to be more close to the customer.

al-ifwat specialize in selling shirt jersey, t-shirts, track pants, and others. Capable of targeting al-ifwat impress anyone with the absolute latest marketing trends, al-ifwat also enforcing an effective strategic marketing that will provide total customer satisfaction each product. al-ifwat also offer reasonable prices as well as having exclusive collection.

Facing a dynamic business environment, strengthening al-ifwat comply with quality inspection on all products. Thus, al-ifwat been and will continue to improve on the weaknesses to ensure always be able to compete with competitors in the business world evolves, competitif and professionals to provide the best service to customers al-ifwat.