1.      How to make a reservation at the Al-ifwat?
Book online
You must complete the full information on the booking form.

2.      What is the price for each product in al-ifwat?
Price is dependent on:
a.      Order quantity
The more you order, the cheaper price we can offer.

b.      Type of product
Please provide the product code that you want to book as the price for each product is different.

3.      What is the minimum order quantity of al-ifwat?
Minimum order quantity is a 10 piece only.

4.      I was at a location far from al-ifwat (Sabah & Sarawak), can the al-ifwat send my order by mail?
Yes, we can always make a delivery for orders over Malaysia by SkyNet Express delivery service, City-Link Express and Poslaju. But the shipping costs will be borne by you.

5.      I have more questions, how the al-ifwat can help me?
If you have more questions, please continue to contact our customer service.